Yoroi Armour

Reliable Shield For Your Precious

What is "Yoroi Armour"?

Yoroi Armour is a shock-absorbing nano glass coating designed to protect your precious valuables from abrasions, minor scratches and smudges. Originally a by-product of bullet proof glass manufacturing, Armadill-o, a Yoroi Armour coating agent, has found its own unique uses. Using an ultra-thin layering process, Armadill-o enables you to extend the life expectancy of your valuables, namely smartphones, laptops, eyewear, vehicles, glass showcases, home appliances, etc.

1. Smooth
Once Yoroi Armour is applied to a surface, it becomes resistant to dust, water, and grease. Just wipe the surface down and it will clean off with no residue.

2. Durable
Armadill-o was born from the manufacturing process of bullet-proof glass. An object with Yoroi Armour has a surface hardness that is resistant to anything up to a 9H pencil, which is the hardest liquid glass coating on the market. Yoroi Armour makes your precious valuables durable and resistant to cracking. 

3. Glossy
Yoroi Armour treated surfaces have a sleek, glossy finish that is both appealing and practical.


What is “Armadill-o”?

Armadill-o is a Yoroi Armour coating agent, which derives its name from the animal famous for its incredibly durable shielded body. Much like the hide of an armadillo, our coating agent offers you safety and security.

1. Shock-absorbing effect
Yoroi Armour is a shock-absorbing coating designed to protect from wear and tear.

2. Ultra-nano multi glass layers
Each coating is roughly 0.2-0.8 micrometers thin, which allows our Yoroi Armour to be applied multiple times as needed.


3. Sustainable
Armadill-o is a 100% inorganic agent, designed to resist UV (Ultraviolet) rays, meaning Yoroi Armour will outlast other services weak to UV rays due to organic components.


4. Versatile
Yoroi Armour can be applied to virtually any surface excluding rubber and water absorbent materials.


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