About Us

We are committed to protecting form AND function, to help you keep your valuables pristine and avoid disposing them prematurely. By cutting down on unnecessary waste, we can build a future society on sustainability.

“Mottainai” is a word by the Japanese to express regret when a usable thing goes to waste. In Japanese culture, it is important to use something for the entirety of its effective life, and because of this there are many efforts to create new and more efficient ways to use and preserve resources.  Making the best of the Earth's limited resources is of utmost importance.

We started Yoroi Armour in New Zealand based on this “Mottainai” philosophy. We believe that the creation of a sustainable society where people evaluate and appreciate the value of things is our mission to be carried out for the future generation.



Only specially trained “Armadicians,” qualified personnel who have completed specialized training, are certified to apply Yoroi Armour coatings. You can rest easy knowing that our service provides quality results.

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