Can I get anything coated?

Excluding rubber surfaces and water absorbant materials, Yoroi Armour can be applied to virtually any surface.

Can Yoroi Armour erase pre-existing scratches?

Yoroi Armour is not for erasing or hiding scratches, but it can make them less visible. Please note that any pre-existing cracks to an object you are getting coated will damage Yoroi Armour.

What will happen to a coated electric device if I drop it?

Yoroi Armour does not protect the internal components of electronic devices, so damage may be sustained internally if it is dropped from a high place or with force depending on the electronic itself. There is also a possibility that the screen of the electric device may be cracked depending on how it is dropped, especially when it is doropped face-down or on its corners.

What does 9H mean?

9H refers to the hardness of a pencil lead. To test the durability of glass surfaces, pencil leads of varying strengths are used. Being that 9H is the hardest type of lead, Armadill-o Yoroi Armour passes the pencil lead test with flying colors, living up to the name “Armour.”

What is the anti-bacterial coating?

Yoroi Armour anti-bacterial coating is a coating that has antibacterial effects by photocatalysis.

How thin is Yoroi Armour?

The thickness of Yoroi Armour after applying it a single time is about 0.2 to 0.8 micrometers.

What should I do when my coated items get dirty?

Normally you can easily wipe the smudges off with a soft cloth. If you prefer, we can clean them up for you for free at one of our shops.

How long does Yoroi Armour last?

Yoroi Armour is designed to last more than three years. It is, however, recommended that the coating reapplied every year to ensure the best performance. We will send a reminder when your item is due for a new application.

Is there anything I should keep in mind when using a coated object?

No, your coated objects can be used as they were before.

Is it okay to put a case on my coated smartphone?